COVID-19 World Survey Map

A living map showing the percentage values for COVID-19 and influenza like symptoms.

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COVID-19 World Survey API

An open API to access the fraction values for COVID-19 and influenza like symptoms.

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COVID-19 World Survey Micro Data Repository

Data repository for daily individual survey responses.

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COVID-19 World Symptom Survey is a partnership between Facebook and academic institutions. The survey is available in 56 languages. A representative sample of Facebook users is invited on a daily basis to report on symptoms, social distancing behavior, mental health issues, and financial constraints. Facebook provides weights to reduce nonresponse and coverage bias. Country and region-level statistics are published daily via public API and dashboards, and microdata are available for researchers via data use agreements. Over half a million responses are collected daily.

Detailed Methodology:Weights and Methodology Brief for the COVID-19 Symptom Survey
Symptom Survey Instruments:Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 & 4 Version 5 Version 6 Version 7
Version 8
Country Regional Codes:Country Region Numeric Codes

What's new

January 14, 2020
  • A new version of the survey(V8) has been launched. Microdata starting from 2021-01-14 will have repsonses from additional questions.

  • January 20, 2021
  • We have implemented an updated definition for some of the aggregate indicators in the UMD Open Data API. This definition change impacts the following indicators: mask-wearing, financial worry, social distancing, and vaccine acceptance. We are implementing this change to make our estimates more directly comparable to those in Carnegie Mellon University Delphi research group’s COVIDcast API, which uses data from the US version of the COVID-19 Symptom Survey. Find a more detailed description under the release log section here.
  • Survey Response Counts can now be queried via our Open Data API.
  • UMD Researchers

    Frauke Kreuter


    Director of Joint Program in Survey Methodology

    Kathleen Stewart


    Director of the Center for Geospatial Information Science

    Survey design and fielding

    Samantha Chiu

    Technical support

    Anil Kommareddy